Facies Gesicht Yoga, der Online Kurs für Tränensäcke - Face Yoga Online Kurs ist die perfekte anti Aging Methode für sportliche Damen und Herren.  Die Haut wird praller, die Wangen runden sich wieder, Tränensäcke und Stirnfalten lösen sich auf, die Lippen werden voller, die Plisseefältchen an der Oberlippe verabschieden sich oder weichen sich auf.  Auch dein Hals und Dekolletee profitieren vom FACIES Gesichtsmuskel Training.

All you need to know to keep your face radiant and beautiful

We have packed the knowledge from 30 years of training experience with facial yoga and breathing techniques into one single online course.

For Alternative and expansion we recommend Facies single or groups lessons. We also offer Skype Lessons on reservations. Please contact us without hesitation. As we inform You without non-committal.

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$ 99

How does it actually work?

With FACIES Face Yoga you regularly exercise three central facial parts and in the end, you look years younger!

Muscle cells are rebuilt, muscle tissue gets firm and elastic and the face gains volume. Tensions in the face are being released. Sagging facial features are strengthened, improving the skin's elasticity and smoothing wrinkles. Through regular training, facial skin becomes healthy, rosy, and smooth.

Comprehensive approach

You are going to dive into the world of facial muscles workout. You will learn all exercises and this way create solid foundations for your daily workout. Clear structure of this part allows you yo make no mistakes and acquire deep knowledge that will benefit your face’s outlook.

Daily training

A handy checklist for your daily workout. From now on you are educated well enough to carry on with the training on your own. You will be equipped with helpful guide leading you through your everyday session to make sure that you perform all exercies in both correct way and order.