Facies Gesicht Yoga, der Online Kurs für Tränensäcke - Face Yoga Online Kurs ist die perfekte anti Aging Methode für sportliche Damen und Herren.  Die Haut wird praller, die Wangen runden sich wieder, Tränensäcke und Stirnfalten lösen sich auf, die Lippen werden voller, die Plisseefältchen an der Oberlippe verabschieden sich oder weichen sich auf.  Auch dein Hals und Dekolletee profitieren vom FACIES Gesichtsmuskel Training.

My name is Marietta Heldstab 62, founder and inventor of FACIES.

Let me tell you how I came about with designing the structured facial yoga course.

At the beginning of my career, I used to work as a makeup artist with dancers. I was impressed by their tight, toned, and beautiful bodies. And no wonder - the number of time dancers were investing into their fitness workouts had to result in this fantastic outcome. I could only spot one little flaw...

Once I was styling a solo dancer. She was about 40. Her body was in a fantastic shape but her face was clearly showing signs of aging. This was an eye-opening experience for me. We all spend so much time working on our bodies but rely only on creams or even plastic surgeries to keep our faces look youthful. Why not to apply the same method and work out our facial muscles?

There are over 100 muscles in our face, throat and neck. And we can exercise them to their benefit just as we do with our legs, glutes or bellies.

So I began my research. I read numerous books, studied various approaches, and tried different methods. I noticed slight changes in my face and I realized that with targeted muscle training, the face can actually be tightened.

I have developed my own facial yoga, a face training method. I taught it to actors, dancers, businessmen, and businesswomen for the last 30 years. Over that time I kept improving the method, and the feedback from my clients makes me confident and quite excited to now offer it to you as an online course. Welcome to FACIES. Let yourself radiate.